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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Double Down Saloon

So if you're looking for a venture at great local bar, Double Down Saloon is the place to see. Known for Ass Juice and Bacon Martini.

Ok, the Double Down Saloon entrance looks like the backside of a biker bar where trash should be dumped. With the door cracked open by a bar stool, we peeked in and found some seats at the bar. It was about 2 2:30 it was just us and three other customers and the bar staff. FYI Mr. Bartender is from Hawaii. Anyway, we tried the Ass Juice and only I, tried the Bacon Martini. It sounds horrible and it taste even worse. As you take a sip, the grease just overwhelms your smell. The smell of fermented bacon vodka and grease is not a good combo. Blahh. I think if it was taken as a shot, it would be ok. The grease from the bacon starts to film the glass as the drink sits. So if you go and try the Bacon Martini, be sure to shoot, not sip. Ass Juice is Ass Juice, sort of like a sex on the beach. It’s never made the same. It was about 3:30 and we needed to get going, by this time the bar was full with regulars and a few tourist, which included yours truly. It was a fun time and we will stop by again. Everyone is friendly and the shots keep coming.

Oh, address is 4640 Paradise Road, one block south of the Hard Rock Hotel. As we were looking for this place we circled twice before we realized where it was. The address is Paradise Road, but it is actually in the back. I’ll get back with that.

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