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Friday, June 4, 2010

Palazzo Hotel & Resort

Cotton Candy Kiss @ First Food & Bar

Long gone is the Three Olives Bubble Gum drink that I loved having here. There is a new sweet in town called Cotton Candy Kiss. We could not get enough of this fun concoction of cotton candy, life saver rimmed glass topped off with a mixture of fruit juices & vodka. We made it a point to stop here everyday for our sugar fix.
Lunch is always good here. Pretzels with assorted mustard dipping sauces replaces the traditional bread & butter. I had the Tuna melt that could definitely be shared. Along with the melt we had tater totes and an order of Philly Cheese Dumplings.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010


Planning to stay at TI. Here is a glimpse of a standard room.

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hussong's Cantina


Inclined elevators. The cab driver had given us a tip when riding the elevator, be sure to be a little tipsy the ride up is much more exciting, and it sure was. felt a little like a roller coaster ride or maybe I was a little too tipsy.

The hotel room was standard, no incline here. the window had a slight incline, but no effect on the room.  By the way, staying in the pyramid is a downgrade!! The front desk said "are you sure you want to stay in the pyramid, that's a downgrade". Since I have never stayed at this hotel it was fine with me. I mean that's the whole reason why I wanted to stay here to begin with, besides riding the elevators. We were originally booked at the hotel which is just behind the pyramids and it is a newer hotel.

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